Saturday, 14 March 2009

I've been playing around with Google Sketchup today, ridiculously addictive - it's nice to find some 3D software that doesn't confuse the living hell out of me. Been thinking I could use it in some way, maybe to replace all the background art for Weepr (although that kind of defeats the object...) or to use as references for something. Tried remaking a couple of the rooms from it today, nothing amazing but it's a lot better than any past 3D efforts. The other project I'm currently pouring thoughts into (look at me breaking the silence) is a pulp fiction (the retro literature, ot the Tarantino drivel) inspired webcomic set in the 1950s in a town/city following several characters. The idea in mind is something between Twin Peaks, a David Firth flash cartoon and a Pinky Violence film. I spoke to an acquaintence who has a decent webcomic of his own and asked for some advice on what to do, and I'm hoping to make a couple of little test strips first. Getting a drawing tablet hopefully next week as an (early) Easter present from mum and dad, so I'm hoping that will make working on it a bit simpler/faster.

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